Cleaning Sealing


The Power Clean method for cleaning Cantera will vary depending on the manufacturing quality, the color, and factory blemishes. Also very important is the cleanliness of the installation. Cantera is very absorbent and will absorb the grout color and can cause deep staining. Care during the grout process is key to clean edges. We use several custom abrasive steps to clean depending on the situation. Our powerful truck mounted vacuum system sucks back all the slurry created during the cleaning step.

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Chalky cantera cleaned and sealed in Scottsdale home

Before:Cantera is dusty and chalky with little definition.

After: Clean cantera shows the colors and variations.


We use and recommend top grade penetrating sealers for Cantera. The penetrating sealer will help keep moisture from soaking in. Using an enhancing penetrating sealer will darken the existing tones.
Topcoat/surface sealers are problematic not a good choice for Cantera.

Scottsdale pool deck with beautiful cantera deck

The red cantera striping had enhancing penetrating sealer applied to create contrast to the lighter canterra


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